Josh Krach is a writer, designer, and editor. You can download a PDF of his resume here. Sometimes he gets paid to make people laugh, which is the best kind of getting paid.

He is a member of The Bureau Chiefs, creators of the popular Twitter satire Fake AP Stylebook. Their first book, Write More Good, is in stores now. You can read an excerpt here.

You can see some of Josh's layout and design work at his online portfolio. He puts words and sound effects on his friends' webcomics, which does not mean he actually writes them. The one he does write is called Troop Infinity, it's for kids, and you can read it here.

He maintains a Twitter feed and indulges his love of old comic books and other pop ephemera on his Tumblr. You can contact him here.

Josh now lives in Montgomery, Alabama, but has lived in Memphis, Las Vegas, Texas, Georgia, and Pennsylvania. He likes most everybody.